Container Design

Newly Planted Window Boxes for Jennifer.  
In just a few weeks time these were bursting with color and overflowing 4 ft to the ground!

Hydrangea "Pistaschio"... Love the colors on this one!

Breezy Patio Garden in Tiburon

Toni's Pots

Bougainvillea on a patio in Tiburon

Kim's Patio Garden, Mill Valley CA

Entry Container, Tiburon CA

Window Boxes at home staged for sale in Larkspur, CA

Pots created for Peterson's Consign & Design, Corte Madera CA

Shady Patio in Tiburon

Entry Pots at a staged home in Tiburon CA

Large Copper Containers at a residential building in Oakland, CA

Containers created for a staged home in Larkspur, CA

Tina's Tuscan Garden

Fall Season in Tina's Garden

Spring Containers in Tina's Garden